Frontier Resources Limited has announced the mobilisation for a systematic 6‐week long exploration program at the Stoneleigh Project ‐ Exploration Licence 2461 on New Britain has commenced.

The ‘virginal’ Stoneleigh region covers a distinct 5.5 km diameter circular feature interpreted from drainages / topography, that is located at the intersection of major, crustal level WNW and ENE faults, creating the perfect ‘plumbing’ system for mineralisation.

Frontier believes the region has excellent potential for epithermal gold, gold porphyry and porphyry copper – gold‐molybdenum deposits, plus associated skarns.

The rock /stream /soil sampling and geological mapping programs will target the copper, molybdenum and arsenic mineralised rocks previously demonstrated, plus Frontier’s 41 Aster Satellite interpreted areas of alteration / potential mineralisation.

“Access for the exploration team appears excellent along abundant forestry bulldozer tracks that will substantially help to systematically accomplish the program. I will be onsite for the last 2 weeks of the program late September to early October,” Frontier managing director Peter McNeil said.