AIMED at increasing awareness of cancer prevention, the 2016 Biggest Morning Tea (BMT) campaign kicked off in Papua New Guinea with the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum hosting the first awareness event.

Hosted on 5 May, the chamber’s event set out to educate staff about cancer prevention.

The 2016 BMT campaign, an annual event organised by the PNG Cancer Foundation, was launched at the Pari Village in the Central Province in late April.

The chamber’s awareness event was conducted by the University of PNG final-year medical student Lois Booker, who is also an educator with the PNG Cancer Foundation.

Ms Booker was accompanied by marketing and fundraising manager Hayley Chown who spoke about the significance of the campaign.

Staff were educated on how they could prevent themselves and their families from breast and cervical cancer and why it was important for them to detect these two forms of cancer at an early stage.

PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum executive director Greg Anderson said the chamber recognised the importance of cancer prevention and one way of making sure more people are informed about cancer is through greater awareness.

“Involving and encouraging our employees to take part in such awareness will help them to understand and be more aware of cancer prevention,” he said.

“It also opens up a new challenge for them to make sure that they educate their spouses, other family members and friends about cancer.”

Ms Chown said the BMT campaign is a fun and easy way for groups to come together and start a conversation about cancer.

“The campaign provides the people of PNG access to education and information on cancer awareness and prevention during the entire month of May, sponsored by Lipton,” she added.