PUMP manufacturer Grundfos has released a new range of pump motors which it says will consume less energy than any product seen before.

The new line of Motor Grundfos Electronic (MGE) and Motor Listed Electronic (MLE) motors, the latter made primarily for use in the US, have integrated frequency converters up to and including 2.2 kilowatts.

The motors operate above the minimum requirements for the new IE4 motor efficiency level as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the upcoming standard for rotating electrical machinery, IEC 60034-30-1 Ed.1 (CD)[1], Grundfos said.

The upgrades are the first generation of IE4 motors in Grundfos Blueflux pumps driven electronically via a built-in frequency converter – a device which can automatically control motor speeds after actual demand, whereas standard pumps run at either full speed or off.

Grundfos program manager of motors and drives Preben Poulsen said the company believed the motors to be among the most energy-efficient products in this market.

“We are one of the only suppliers with a motor that runs with efficiency above IE4 level including the losses in the frequency converter,” he said.

The company will also offer IE4 motors up to 45 kW for projects based on standard motor technology, to be supplied by Siemens via a special agreement.

These motors can be connected directly to the power supply or coupled to standard frequency converters.

Mr Poulsen said the upgrades were the beginning of a long program of improved motor technology which would stay well ahead of global motor regulations.

The current legislative demand for motor efficiency in Europe is IE2. In 2015 and 2017, Europe will increase its legislative demand to IE3, he said.

“As a part of our Grundfos Blueflux program, we already supply IE3 as a standard for most of our products,” Mr Poulsen said.

“We are ready to be one step above the next level. We want to be on the front edge of technology, along with the cutting edge of efficiency and life-cycle costs.”