LONG-time PNG minerals explorer Coppermoly Ltd has reapplied for a large exploration area in New Britain after it was surprised by a decision from the PNG Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) not to renew two of its licences.

In late 2016 Coppermoly reported that it had received notification from the MRA that renewal applications for exploration licences EL-2014 and EL-2272 had been refused.

The company reported tghat it was surprised by the refusals to renew the licences as it had no prior indications from the MRA that the exploration licences wouldn’t be renewed, particularly after holding very successful Warden’s Hearings for both licences with full support of each group of landowners from Makmak and Wowonga to renew the respective licenses for another two years.

While the company said that it was  disappointed with that decision and that those tenements have not been a focus for exploration efforts, it has reapplied for most of the ground covered by EL-2014 and some additional ground that adjoins EL-1043.

It reported that it was the only applicant and that planning is under way for the required Warden’s Hearing.