CONSTRUCTION firm Curtain Brothers has started building a container examination facility, to be used by the Papua New Guinean Customs department, at Motukea Island, near Port Moresby.

Curtain Bros general manager Justin McGann confirmed the group was set to pay the K30 million construction costs of the facility and thereafter lease it to Customs.

While it was a big investment, the company was confident of recouping the investment as use of the Motukea port facilities increased.

The facility is set to be completed by September 2015, with Customs Commissioner Ray Paul saying he was pleased to see the construction phase of the project get off the ground, following administrative delays.

The new base, consisting of an examination hall and a depot, will hold one of two x-ray machines recently bought from China at a cost of K9 million, Customs said.

A second facility, to be built in Lae by Curtain Brothers, would hold the other one.

Mr Paul said the project would ensure that PNG Customs remained in line with the SAFE Framework of Standards set by the World Customs Organisation.

“These standards include introducing new approaches to working methods to secure the international supply chain from potential terrorist threats, transnational organised crime and all related offences,” he said.