RAMU NiCo has awarded a K600,000 contract for housekeeping work to the Prien Clan, a group affiliated with the Basamuk landowners in the Rai Coast District of Madang province.

The two year contract will cover the up-keep of 24 accommodation buildings at the new camp area, road clearance and gutter cleaning, fence maintenance and landscaping.

It would now provide job opportunities to more than 12 local women and nine men who may not have any chances of gaining employment opportunities elsewhere in Madang, Ramu NiCo said.

The same contract was previously awarded to Basamuk landowner umbrella company Basamuk Enterprises Ltd (BEL).

However, Ramu NiCo decided to withdraw and offer to the local clan after what it said was mismanagement of the contract and failure to meet outlined work scopes.

The contract was developed and offered in line with the spirit of Ramu NiCo Project Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and 2015 Community Affairs Working Plan which promote and encourage the provision of business opportunities to the Project impacted landowners.

The clan, who occupy land located close to Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk refinery and its new accommodation area, was offered a three-year bus commuting contract for project contractors in 2007.

Other projects to be re-awarded following the decision to move away from BEL were a labour and technician service contract to Raibus Engineering and a refinery cleaning and beautification contract to Ganglau Landowner Company.

The refinery power facility grass cleaning contract was awarded to Haba Clan Group and the accommodation cleaning and beautification contract to the Kusup Clan.