A PNG LNG project team member paints chairs at buk bilong pikinini. Image courtesy PNG LNG.

A PNG LNG project team member paints chairs at buk bilong pikinini. Image courtesy PNG LNG.

THE PNG community is reaping the benefits of the massive PNG LNG project despite it still being in the construction phase, with the development providing more than K90,000 to refurbish the Koki markets Buk Bilong Pikinini children’s library.

The refurbishment is part of the projects ongoing commitment to support and advance education in the country.

The funds were used to replace floorboards, paint the building, provide water tanks, repair doors and windows, install insect screens, and build a ‘living hedge’ to improve the safety and overall functioning of the institution.

Buk Bilong Pikinini Executive Officer Joanne Grenenger was overwhelmed at the support from PNG LNG.

“We have been able to refurbish the building completely and create a fantastic space for the children,” she said.

“These kinds of contributions not only help improve the physical buildings, but they help to instil a sense of pride in the library for the whole community.”

Buk Bilong Pikinini establishes children’s libraries throughout PNG and currently operates in 12 locations. The Koki library hosts between 80 and 100 children every day. Through facilitated early literacy classes and after-school homework and reading sessions, run by six passionate staff, the library provides a safe place for young children to learn to read, and also fosters a love of learning. In a recent initiative, adult literacy classes have also been launched to improve the literacy of parents.

In addition to financial contributions over the past three years, more than 40 PNG LNG project staff recently worked alongside community members for a volunteer morning of gardening, painting and cleaning to put the final touches on the refurbished building. Piles of books were sorted, stools and benches were painted in cheerful colours, shade cloth attached to the perimeter fence, and bright flowers planted