THE CZECH Republic and Papua New Guinea are looking for ways to further work together on education and biodiversity.

In October, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Czech ambassador Rudolf Hykl discussed opportunities for more Czech academics to work on biodiversity issues facing PNG.

“Academic institutions from the Czech Republic have a solid reputation in the research of unique habitats and changes in the ecosystems of these areas,” Mr O’Neill said.

“Papua New Guinea gains from this research as we learn more about ecological systems in our country and ways that we can better protect and maintain these natural habitats.”

Mr O’Neill said PNG and the Czech Republic shared a “modest” economic relationship but the academic engagement had been thoroughly rewarding.

“Environmental protection is particularly important in Papua New Guinea and is enshrined in the National Constitution, which calls for ‘natural resources and environment to be conserved and used for the collective benefit of us all, and be replenished for the benefit of future generations’.”

Papua New Guinea rainforest contains over 5% of the world’s biodiversity in less than 1% of the world’s total land area, a government statement said.

Mr O’Neill said the two countries will continue to look at ways to expand trade and investment potential through Papua New Guinea’s relationship and arrangements with the European Union.