THE 2012 Poetry winner of Papua New Guinea’s Crocodile Prize, Michael Dom, has published his first poetry compilation.

Author: Michael Dom
Publisher: University of Papua New Guinea Press
ISBN: 978-9980879219. RRP: A$28.30

The PNG National Agriculture Research Institute scientist says the collection contains some of his earliest recovered works, as well as some more recent pieces.

Many of the pieces have been edited over that last seventeen years, as part of the creative process, while others came “right with a click like closing a box,” he writes.

“Although much of my poetry follows the traditional forms, I believe I have made original use of the artistic techniques and devices,” he writes.

“For me writing poetry, which is a subjective language of the heart, has been sometimes a challenge and at other times a relief from my tendency and training to remain an objective witness to the world around me.”

“There is no telling exactly what will affect us deeply enough to elevate our creative faculty, to provide the needed stimulus that propels writers/artists over the hill of mundane existence and into the Elysium of (self) discovery, invention and innovation.”