By Sarah Byrne

SIX WATER bores are to be drilled in Papua New Guinea’s Southern Highlands region by Anitua Radial Drilling Services (ARDS), under appointment from Water PNG

Company systems and administration manager Aaron Smith said Anitua has been contracted to supply safe and reliable water sourced from underground reserves as part of a government-funded water supply project for Lalibu and Pangia District towns.

Taking about four months to complete, the bores will be drilled to an average depth of 60 metres.

Remoteness of the communities, territorial disputes, varying ground conditions and inclement weather are some of the challenges in successfully carrying out the contract, according to Mr Smith.

Two staff members from ARDS’s Lihir operations are managing the project and are being assisted by several local recruits.

“For ARDS, the successful completion of this contract will give us a sense of fulfilment in being able to provide fresh water to the communities in PNG who may have otherwise been deprived,” Mr Smith said.

ARDS said the program aimed to put clean drinking water into communities throughout PNG over the next two years.

Using water from a community bore avoided issues associated with ownership and compensation, the group said.