HEALTH education brochures were launched by Anitua in late March as one of its national mine safety week initiatives.

Addressing 10 important health topics, the brochures will be used by Anitua’s SHEC team across each of its businesses to educate the workforce on key health problems that are particularly relevant to people living and working in PNG.

Topics covered in the brochures are cholesterol, diabetes, fatigue, foot care, heart attack, heat, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and tuberculosis.

Anitua Group safety general manager, Dan Simpson said the majority of Papua New Guineans received very little public health information.

“We saw a real opportunity to improve the health of not only our own staff but also their families and communities as we are placing a strong emphasis on employees sharing the brochures with their friends and families,” he said.

Anitua said the brochures resulted from the hard work of Anitua Mining Services health coordinator John Kumb who recognised that many staff lacked basic knowledge on how to prevent and manage many common health problems.

Considering the importance of the information provided in the brochures, Anitua has rolled out the brochures across the entire Group, including the staff who work for catering and camp management company NCS, Anitua said.