ST JOHN Ambulance Service has committed to respond to emergency calls in the National Capital District after the organisation ran out of funds in early September.

In a statement, the organisation said it was “very optimistic” that it would receive funds from the Papua New Guinea government to enable it to continue to provide ambulance services.

The organisation had planned to close off its services as at 3 September after failing to receive any funds under the 2015 budget.

But St John said PNG health minister Michael Malabag and Health Secretary Pasco Kase had assured the organisation they wanted a speedy solution to the problem.

“Secretary Kase is working hard to have his staff process this request urgently so that funds can be made available to St John,” the group said in an announcement.

“Until then, St John will continue to respond to emergency calls in the National Capital District. Our ambulance officers will do this knowing they have not been paid.”

St John also thanked the community for its support during this time.

“The organisation does not normally take donations, however will expedite a process by which donations can be received from those wishing to support the organisation,” it said in an announcement.

“St John remain optimistic for a positive and timely resolution to this problem.”

The group said it would establish and enhance partnerships with provincial governments and organisations to improve the level of care it provided in Papua New Guinea.

“Providing the best emergency care to our patients while ensuring a safe, enjoyable and prosperous working environment for our staff are this organisation’s two highest priorities,” it said in an announcement.