MORE than 300 people attended the opening of an Aid Post and staff house at Timini Village, in the Bulolo District of Morobe Province on 24 June.

The opening of the new Aid Post comes almost 35 years after the old Post closed down after the retirement of the orderly who staffed the facility.

Morobe Mining Joint Ventures built the new buildings in partnership with the Bulolo District and Morobe Provincial government, which will take on the responsibility of manning and equipping the Aid Post.

Costing K261,000, the facilities took local contractor Manduring Bricklayers & Building Construction one month to complete.

This included the two kit buildings, the aid post itself and a four-bedroom staff house, along with the construction of improved, ventilated pit toilets.

Bulolo District administrator Tae Guambelek said the opening of these facilities was a direct result of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program.

“Health is one of the major priorities of the provincial government and we have to be happy that Morobe Mining is committed to helping us,” Mr Guambelek said.

“They do what they can, like building this aid post and staff house and we, the government, will come in and provide staff and medicine.”

“That’s the private and public sector working together for our community,” he said.

Mr Guambelek urged the community to look after the new buildings and thanked Morobe Mining for their continuous support.

Wafi-Golpu’s general manager sustainability and community affairs David Wissink said working together with the government to build projects such as this would greatly improve the quality of life in the community.

“Being healthy is very important. If we have a healthy body and an educated mind, we will have a chance to succeed in life,” he said.

“Morobe Mining believes in these two important things, education and health, and that is why we have focused on these types of projects in our project area communities.”

Morobe Mining has constructed eight Aid Posts in Zindaga, Wonkings, Bavaga and Timini villages in the Wafi-Golpu region, and Kwembu, Winima and Nauti landowner villages in the Hidden Valley mine footprint.

Morobe Mining also upgraded the Pokwaluma Aid Post in the Wafi-Golpu project area, which serves five villages in the mountainous and remote area the Yanta people call home.