PAPUA New Guinean Engineer Kein Kep will study for a Master of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Adelaide after winning an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Mr Kep found work on Oil Search’s Kutubu oilfield after graduating from Papua New Guinea University of Technology in 2009.

He is currently one of the well integrity engineers with the petroleum department that was newly established in mid-2013 as the company expended into LNG.

Kein said that initially, the role of a petroleum engineer covered most of the reservoir engineering site, production engineering, drilling and well integrity and well interventions so it was like one person doing all the work. As it expanded, the roles become more specialised and he was one of the lucky ones to move into that new role.

“My basic role in the petroleum department is to monitor all the wellheads. From an engineering definition, a wellhead is the component at the surface of an oil or gas well that provides the structural and pressure-containing interface for the drilling and production equipment.”

The role also involves monitoring everything, from the wellhead right down into the formation itself making sure that the well doesn’t collapse; or explode due to the different elements affecting its structure.

“I believe that the study will also give me the confidence and I can finally say that I am a petroleum engineer with an Australian University qualification. I see myself coming back and taking over some of the senior responsibilities in the field and mentoring upcoming local engineers.”

Most of the people Kein work with graduated from petroleum engineering schools overseas because Papua New Guinean universities do not offer the qualification.

He will be commencing his studies early 2015.