DATA search company DataReSource has added over 200 seismic surveys of Papua New Guinea to its oil and gas data library, including support and navigation data.

DataReSource managing director Zane Prickett said the addition of these PNG data sets was the beginning of a renewed focus for DataReSource in the PNG area.

“For the last three to six months our Data ReSource team has been very focussed on accumulating knowledge and data from Papua New Guinea,” he said.

“It is an area that is very active for exploration, and has a widely dispersed collection of data in dire need of consolidation.”

The company had located a number of data sets previously thought to be lost over the past two months, he said.

Most of this interest had been in seismic data and their respective navigation although well logs and other materials were also in demand.

“The DataReSource collection is not always hard data, but in some cases is simply a link to known owners of the data, resellers, government bodies, other operators etc,” Mr Prickett said.

“The game plan was always to consolidate as much data as possible, and where getting the hard data was not possible, to create a network of data sources to assist in locating data for clients.”

“PNG data is a perfect fit for that model as the data is widely dispersed among operators and ex-operators,” he said.

DataReSource is also working on the reprocessing of an old offshore seismic survey in PNG and the results of that work are expected to be available within the next few months.

In addition, work in the Philippines and Myanmar continue to be high on the priority list, he said.