Author: Graham Taylor
Publisher: Pukpuk Publishing
ISBN: 9781502703453

A Decade in the Life and Work of an Australian Patrol Officer in the Kokoda, New Britain, New Ireland, Madang and Sepik Regions of Papua New Guinea 1948-1958.

Graham Taylor was a ‘Kiap’, or Patrol Officer in the then Territory of Papua and New Guinea administered by Australia between 1948 and 1958.

His memoir describes those times and provides a useful history of an era and the events for a period often forgotten.

In the remote outposts where Taylor served life was often primitive and without the normal everyday facilities available to the average Australian family. The work was demanding and often dangerous.

A graduate of the Australian School of Public Administration, he describes both the exciting events as well as the more mundane, but no less interesting, highs and lows of everyday life on the outstations.

To this end, the book is a valuable contribution to a poorly understood but important period in Australia’s past.

His story is told with a disarming frankness, attention to detail, lack of permission and with a wry sense of humour.